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What are your investment goals?


Are you using the best method to achieve a Confident Financial Future?


Keys to achieving security and reaching your long-term goals are to create, maintain and manage a disciplined investment strategy while maintaining safety and high yields.

Cd`s, Bonds and low paying Annuities WILL NOT get the job done.

This is where SGI comes in and will make the biggest difference in your portfolio.

We will help make sure that you stay focused on all your Investments, including IRA`s and company plans…in most cases, through us, rates will be improved dramatically and  we can even eliminate market loses and broker fees. We specialize in Rollovers.

 How do you stay focused through ups and downs?


The Three SGI Investment Buckets Strategy ™  is especially useful in helping you maintain your long-term focus in volatile times.

Because we remove Market presence and eliminate broker fees you can rest assured your money will there when you need it.

Questions to ask your self:

  • What type of investments am I now holding in my portfolio?
  • When do I need this money?
  • Is it Tax Free
  • How much risk can I take with these investments?
  • Am I really generating the type of investment returns I need to reach my long-term goals?
  • What am I planning to do with this money?
  • Am I making a change in my portfolio because of emotion, losses or strategy?
  • Have I leveraged my money properly?

With the help of your SGI advisor, your can be on your way to a Confident Financial future!



Three SGI Buckets Strategy™

A solid and easy way to evaluate whether or not your long-term strategy will be to see if you are on track and know the types of investments that are proven to work.

Short, mid-range and long-term goals will be easily achievable by separating them into three stages.

As a visual help, picture three buckets.

This can be used as a solid guide, to help you determine if you have the right investment mix for your long-term goals and are aligned with the SGI philosophy…then make your adjustments if necessary.

1-3 years                           3-5 years                             6-10 years

3%-4%                               4%-6%                                6-10%

Use, Liquidity and Control of your Assets is KEY!

When bucket 1 is empty…Bucket 2 takes over and fills bucket 1

When Bucket 2 is empty Bucket 3 then refills 1 & 2 and the can begin again…never running out.