Welcome to Secured Postions, LLC.

Here are flyers and a brochures to use.

I simply explain exactly what it is;  Passive Real Estate Investing……No Head Aches!!!

A SPN is a Contractually Guaranteed, Promissory Note issued by a top company with a solid model & perfect track record; that is backed by a Second or First Lien on a Residential Income producing property for added Safety….. and never have any problems. 

The typical Q`s were asked of course..     >>>   Who  & How  faq`s

I am always am up front and honest….and thats what we ask of you.

Also, your clients will always be your clients…..We do not receive any info but their name & property name that is used as collateral for pay roll purposes. Transparency and privacy remains throughout the process..

I had the same questions you probably have now and did EXTENSIVE research and my due diligence on the company its self and the idea of this type of Investing.

It just made sense to me immediately!!

By using SPN`s this I found that it is easily explainable and referable…which of course means more biz.
Since the end of June 2013 I have placed over 1.7 million and have not had one issue.
I have been paid twice on the same money a couple times.

This is a clean and simple, well backed product. It fits well with all kinds of scenarios, laddering, Layering, bucket, etc.

More importantly It allows me to capture more money….I use it like a sweep account sometimes and pay some life premiums from it. You will find SPN`s flexible and easy to fit into any portfolio.

Your business should increse 20%….mine did!
Please call me, I can give you real life examples & Strategies that I have used and why it makes so much sense.

Below are some links about me and a link to Vimeo……on there you can see some examples of videos I can make for you.

7% is a great rate…..especially for a short two year term.

Hope this helps to get you started.




Vimeo Samples….. Click here    >>>   http://vimeo.com/user17512545                                                                              First one I will make for you for free….after that they 55.00 each

Flyers to use
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