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Super Charge your Investment Account with SGI..

While the Self-Directed LLC – IRA offers numerous advantages over the regular traditional, Roth, 401-k (&  Solo k) or even TSA`s and  403-b accounts, there is an even better type of IRA account that should be considered by people who are seeking tax advantaged investing and control, yet without all the hassle of paperwork and fees that are involved in the processing and maintaining of a Self-Directed IRA – LLC .

This best of both worlds can be found with a Self Guided IRA.

A Self-Guided IRA ™ can essentially give you more freedom to make IRA investments in a tax advantaged manner using retirement funds. One of the biggest benefits with a Self Guided IRA ™ is that this type of account allows you to have Use, Liquidity and Control of your Assets  all of the extra fees and paperwork that come with the Self-Directed LLC IRA account.

There are actually 2 ways to set up a

Self Guided IRA account:

Option 1:   You can set up an account with a qualified administrator.

Most administrators will charge on a sliding scale. The more money you have in the IRA account, the more money they will charge you.

The administrator processes part of the paperwork that a custodian would have  typically have charged you  less for anyway. Typically, the fees for these types of accounts will average about $500 per year for accounts of under $100,000, @ 2% – Broker fees could twice as much!

Option 2:

Option 2 : The Custodian Direct option.

Using this option, you can work directly with a custodian, therefore eliminating the administrator and their fees. (When you go through an administrator, they have a custodian anyway, so all they are really doing is putting themselves in the middle).

*** We use Option 2 and save you money

The fees for our SGI is $295 annually, which will save you  $400 – $800  0r more per year.

In addition, our Custodian does not push any proprietary products, and it isn’t affiliated with any bank or financial institution, so you can be assured that transactions are non-biased nor product specific in any way from them.

Funding Options for Self Guided  Retirement Accounts.

Now you can trade in or transfer that low paying, tired out CD, Annuity, IRA, TSA, 403b, 457, SEP, Simple, Solo-k Company Plan or open a new account invest in property.

There are several ways to fund a Self Guided IRA account.

These include:

  • Direct cash contribution
  • Rollover / transfer from another IRA account (certain guidelines apply, depending on the type of IRA being rolled over or transferred)
  • Rollover / transfer from another qualified retirement plan (such as a 401k, 403b, 457, SEP, Keogh, profit sharing, and other qualifying defined benefit plan)
  • However, by choosing to open a Self-Guided IRA account, the choices of investment vehicles are nearly unlimited and, in addition to the above, can also include options such as:
  •           Structured Income Assets 
    • Real Estate – Rentals and Passive Income
    •  Gold & Other Precious Metals
    • Private Placements –  Start Ups
    • Annuities – Secondary Market Annuities
    • Mortgage Notes – Commercial Notes – Private Notes
    • RV park lots – Boat Slips and Marinas
    • Structured Settlements  –  Lottery Payments

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Setting up and managing a Self-Guided IRA account requires less paperwork and fees than a Self-Directed IRA- LLC account, a regular

 A Self-Guided IRA can essentially give you even more freedom to make IRA investments in a tax advantaged manner using retirement funds.

Without you maintaining all of the extra record Keeping, fees and paperwork that come with the more traditional Self-Directed LLC IRA account.

Self Guided IRA is a Qualified Plan Facilitator servicing company focused on tax reduction and contractual  income vehicles.



 We painstakingly search for the highest, safest returns and partner with companies we can trust who have proven track records, We use contractual, rates and Guarantees.

Call for your custom quotes & your one on one Strategy session…results vary slightly based on compounding periods.

SGI does not offer Tax or Legal advice…We can refer you if you like. None of Investment opportunities are FDIC insured and could lose value. Past Results are no guarantee of future results.  That` s why we only suggest contracts and collateral.