Once, what was only available to Institutions and Investors like Warren Buffet, Banks and Institutions are now available to you through SGI.

You can purchase one or more of our exclusive products for your own IRA, Rolled Company Plan, 403b, 457, etc – even transfer an existing account or setup a new account with our custodian.

You can also use  Cash and Non-Qualified funds, such as trading in that old tired out CD, Annuity, Money Market or Cash Account….Earn higher Contractual Rates with  and lower  your risks with collateral.

Set up an account with us….it`s fast and easy….
Just follow the steps below or call us now and we will walk you through the process.  We will set a personalized binder for your records. (99.00 dollar value) You also need to submit a direction of investment form.”[/tooltip] or call now 740-682-7000



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    NOTE:  When an IRA, or Qualified plan is transferred to our Custodian it is a non taxable event, it will remain a titled IRA.

This process will only take a few minutes and you will be on your way to a Confident Financial Future with a  S G I  Account.


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***Before you start, you should gather the following information to complete the process:

  •  Drivers License
  •  Beneficiary Info
  •  Current Custodian, bank or Broker info
  • Acct. # of old Investment

***Your beneficiary info, including their address and social security numbers.

When transferring cash or other assets from another custodian: Custodian name, address, contact information, account number. Unlike most administrators, we will process ‘transfers’ from qualified retirement plans such as 401K’s, 403B’s, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, etc; for you at no charge.

We will follow up and keep you up  to date. A convenient benefit for you.

  1. Exclusive Investment Opportunities
  2. Known upfront Returns
  3. Monthly Income
  4. Proven Strategies to Grow your Money
  5.  Up to 4 times the national CD average
  6. Short terms
  7. High Rates
  8. Liquidity
  9. Flexibility
  10. Safety
  11. Control & use of your Money
  12. Customized Binder for your Records
  13. Contractual Guarantees
  14. “A” Rated companies
  15. Combined 120 years of Investing Experience
  16. Free of  Market up`s and Downs
  17. Direct Access to your Accounts
  18. Discount Custodian Rates
  19. Semi and Annual Reviews
  20. First Choice on Renewals