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Proven Strategies for a Confident Financial Future.

A Self~Guided IRA will use time tested proven strategies that can immediately increase your rates of return, reduce or even eliminate loses and minimize risks  –  resulting in thousands, even tens of thousands more.. in your pocket.  Up front front, known returns are available through companies like Quote, Met, Voya, Berkshire Hathaway, SGI Commercial Real Estate, Myrtle Beach Financial, LLC, Grand Strand Real Estate and Secured Positions, LLC. National Secondary Market Annuities. 

What Real People Say About SGI

 We have 2 separate accounts with SGI, the past year and a half all receiving at over 7%. We were pleased with the overall process, no headaches,  ]and we like our interest deposited into our account every month. We highly recommend SGI~ PRECL`s

Tom & Janet

Myrtle Beach, SC

 Been thinking about what do with my old 401-k…Wanted a short term with a reasonable return, while my principal was protected. Found the perfect solution ….I received 7% for a 2 year term.

I highly recommend SGI.

Acel C.

Leesburg, Ohio

I have Placed over 350,000 With SGI and have laddered my Income into 3 different terms, that way I have unhindered  money free every year if I need it.

7% – 7.75%  is pretty good, especially since I have collateral to protect my Principal. I recommended SGI to my two brothers, and they both set up monthly income accounts.

Roy. E

Ironton, Ohio

 SGI can define how you can retire earlier, increase your income and create a better lifestyle. Better income choices and higher yields through SGI`s Commercial Real Estate & Single Family Homes Private Capital  Lending program will Turbo Charge your Income!

Jeff & Lesley Ahern

Myrtle Beach, SC