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Proven Strategies for a Confident Financial Future.

At Self Guided IRA we use Proven Strategies that will Immediately increase your rates of return and minimize risks  – resulting in thousands, even tens of thousands more in your pocket. Available now, are companies like Met, Voya, Berkshire Hathaway, WW,  HPF, Amerex Precious Metals, LLC, Monetize Strategies, LLC & Secured Positions, LLC.


What Real People Say About SGI

 We have  3 separate accounts with SGI, the past year and a half all receiving at least 7%. We were pleased with the overall process, no headaches,  and we like our interest  deposited into our account every month. We highly recommend SGI~ PRECL`s

Tom & Janet

Oak Hill, Ohio


 Been thinking about what do with my old 401-k…Wanted a short term with a reasonable return, while my principal was protected. Found the perfect solution ….I received 7% for a 2 year term.

I highly recommend SGI.

Steve H.

Houston, Texas

I have Placed over 350,000 With SGI and have ladder My Income and terms.

7-7.75 is pretty good especially since I have collateral to protect my Principal.

Roy. E

Ironton, Ohio

Commercial Real Estate Investing has allowed Lesley to retire early…and have been able to afford a better lifestyle due to the safety and higher yields we receive.

Jeff & Lesley Ahern

Myrtle Beach, SC